The Final Hours

Well, it’s here. It’s 2:00 AM, my bags are packed, my room is cleared out, and my leftover food is getting comfy in the garbage bin. All I can think is, “Where did… Continue reading

Roman Holiday: Thanksgiving

No turkey day for me this year. Although my study abroad program and my school were both sponsoring traditional American Thanksgiving dinners tonight, I vouched to hold family above the food and spend… Continue reading

Cappuccinos + Lessons

As the end of my time here in Rome comes at full speed (23 days to be exact), my friendsĀ in my study abroad program and I have begun to discuss the ominous threat… Continue reading

Pesto Penne & Artichokes + Balsamic Pears

My fanciness has skyrocketed through the roof. I was about to post about my weekend under the Tuscan “sun” (clouds?) when I was struck with a debilitating hunger. Getting so tired of the… Continue reading

Fall Break: London, Glasgow, Barcelona

Goodness me, I have a bit of catching up to do. I apologize once again for the time gap between posts. Time is flying! Part of the reason for my lack of posting… Continue reading

Chocoholics Unite: The Eurochocolate Festival

This weekend, I traveled with a group of friends to the International Chocolate Exhibition in Perugia, Italy otherwise known as the Eurochocolate Festival. That’s right, folks. An entire festival dedicated to chocolate. And… Continue reading

Circus Klezmer

Last night, my lovely roommate and I experienced our first night of theatre in Rome. The evening proved to be both fun and culturally educational. As a theatre major, I had eagerly been… Continue reading

An Apology (with pictures)

It came to my attention today that my account was hacked. I apologize for the spam post and the emails sent out to my (few yet greatly loved) followers. I guess that’s what… Continue reading

Graffiti: The Modern Day Epigram

I’ve been feeling the occasional dose of homesickness lately. To hear my thoughts on the matter, read my blog post on the University of Denver Study Abroad blog: A Mouthful of Rocciata Helps… Continue reading

Castroni: The Happiest Place on Earth

Move over, Disneyland. I have found the new happiest place on Earth. Remember when I was pathetically whining about being tired of Italian food? Still having that dilemma. Thankfully, today Julie took me… Continue reading